Growing Turmeric Indoors

Turmeric has been one of the most popular spices, around the world since ancient times. Its great flavor, and the abundance of health benefits, make it an important part of the diet in many cultures. In this article we will discuss tips on how to grow turmeric indoors, without compromising on the quality of the produce.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a tropical plant that is used as food as well as a beautiful addition to any garden. It can be argued that the rhizome of a turmeric plant is one of the healthiest foods that is widely available, leading nutritionists to call it a miracle drug. Interestingly, while it is commonly known that the rhizomes are edible, most people discard the leaves, stem, and flowers. In reality, the entire plant is edible and can be used as a good source of nutrition.

While buying turmeric powder from the market is easy, the fresh, raw, rhizomes offer a lot more potential benefits and versatility in usage. In such cases, growing your own turmeric plant is your best option. Doing this is not very difficult. Although the plant is best grown in a garden, one can also grow it indoors,

Decorate Your Home

Contrary to common perceptions, home decor furnishings can be inexpensive as well as fulfilling if you know how to go about the process. Many a time, people often shy away from doing up their homes appropriately owing to prevalent anxieties relating to the sheer cost of home decor. However, one has to remember that home decor is a many layered concept and thrives heavily on both innovation and creativity. There are multiple ways through which you can actually add your own special touch to your home without draining your pocket.

While decorating your home, you should always chalk out separate strategies for all the particular zones in question like the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen and so on. This will help you zero in on the best possible measures for each room without having to choose from generalized items and decor products. The best step available to you is to opt for aesthetically appealing home decor furnishings from online classifieds websites. How will this help you? This will give you access to a wide range of decor options at very reasonable rates. Sounds too good to be true? Read on for more!

Online classifieds portals

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are decorating tools and are widely used by the interior decorators to liven up any dull indoor space. However, do not be fooled by their appearances, they are powerful air purifying units. Studies conducted have established the fact that few indoor plants can effectively remove 89 percent of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in indoor air. This includes very harmful VOCs like the xylene and the formaldehyde. If we compare the cost of a state of the art air purifier machine, then buying indoor plants seems a logical choice that is easy on the pocket.

Peace Lilies

They are the work horses when it comes to purifying air. They not only look good but also remove ammonia, acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl acetate, trichloroethylene, methyl alcohol, and xylene from the air.

Phaeleonopsis and Dendrobium Orchids

Orchids are low maintenance spectacular indoor plants that easily soak away the xylene in the environment. The pollutant xylene is mostly found in paints and glues. Therefore if you have moved in to a newly painted house then orchids are your finest companions.


Ferns are good in removing volatile organic compounds such as xylene and

Innovative Garden Design and Landscape

A beautifully designed and landscaped garden is the pride of any home owner. Achieving this may present a challenge to first time gardeners or hobbyists who may or may not have the skills, the tools or the time. This is where Fox Mowing can step in. Fox Mowing AUS is a group of people who are passionate about lawn care and gardening providing innovative garden design and landscape design services in Australia.

Your garden and landscape design must reflect your interests and needs, it should also be practical and useful. The experienced and qualified team at Fox Mowing consults with you to understand your requirements and comes up with innovative garden design and landscape designs that are not only practical but also pleasing to the eye.

A good garden design combines themes, colours and design features in an innovative manner resulting in a friendly and warm setting to your outdoor areas. Neatly growing plants organised in straight lines are the main focus in a contemporary garden. On the other hand, modern gardens that must complement the minimalist structure of the modern day buildings creates an impression of starkness and rigidity.

Apart from creating a great

Garden Wedding Bangalore

Having a garden wedding can be both romantic and magical. Unique and impressive wedding ideas are a recent trend now. People are now choosing outdoor wedding decoration themes to make their D-day an unforgettable affair.

The decorators of garden wedding Bangalore are coming up with many innovative ideas such as outdoor garden lighting, fish lighting and tulip garden wedding decoration and the likes. If there is only one month left for your wedding, start looking for a professional wedding decorator to deck up your event. However, if you are confused of too many ideas, here, you will get some unique garden decorating ideas that will make your day a grand wedding affair to cherish forever.

Unique garden wedding decoration ideas Bangalore

  • Alternative seating arrangements

Having an outdoor location means you willhave lots of choices to choose from for proper seating arrangements. From making glamorous seating arrangements to sweetly decorating swings, it is quite easy to select the space by placing some selected pieces.

  • Moroccan wedding style

If you are choosing an outdoor wedding theme, there are many wedding resorts in Bangalore available where awedding can be organised in the best way. You

Indoor Gardening

There are many home gardening ideas that are flocking on the net and many of which are being introduced in the market for the benefit of home and gardening enthusiasts. The latest trends for gardening are raised bed garden, conventional bed garden and flower box. These are the only few examples for home improvement ideas. If we try to check online, most home improvement topics are based on gardening. We all know that there are different gardening methods and that’s what this article is all about.

Indoor gardening is one of the methods of home gardening. Good thing about it is that plants do not require full sunlight exposure. Few moments of sunlight would complete the condition of the plants. Indoor gardening involves planters, flower boxes and hanging baskets as examples. These three are different but they do have the same purpose. And that is to accentuate our home.

Planters for instance have different types. Fiber glass, illuminated and PVC planters are some few types of planters. We can match the type of planters that our home concept requires and have it added as part of the interior decoration in our house. We can

Decorate your home with trendy range

We strongly believe that our home is the reflection of our personality and we are committed to providing the best UPVC Windows Solutions and UPVC Doors for every home in India. Our extensive range includes modern yet striking solutions for every room of your house making it elegant, better and even spacious. Each of our products is a wonderful blend of creativity and technology; fashioned as per your surroundings.UPVC (Unplastisized Poly Vinyl Chloride) is extension of rigid PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) material. The process involves making the form powder mixed and combined homogeneously with all essential additives for high impact UV to form a trendy yet strong plastic compound. Further, this compound is fed in different moulds according to the profiles like windows or doors.

With their efficient thermal insulation property; it will contribute to a pleasant and luxurious atmosphere in your home. During humid weather wooden windows and doors are normally destroyed by termites, while termites or any prominent insects are not able to attack UPVC window and door system, UPVC windows can be enduringly exposed to strong wind, heavy rain and salty air. Unlike timber windows, the UPVC doors and windows do not support ignition

Indoor Plant Pots

Not only plants, but even the pots they are placed in add to the natural beauty of any space. Choosing indoor plant pots of different varieties, that you can place your houseplants in, will help you elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Take a look at the types mentioned here.

The best way to bring the beauty and bounty of nature indoors is by getting some beautiful indoor plants. The liveliness of nature and all the rejuvenating qualities it has to provide, can be enjoyed simply by growing some houseplants. Not only do they refresh you, they also add a touch of freshness to any interior, which is otherwise simply cluttered with furniture. They give the interior space an airy feel, and in fact eliminate the feeling of being cooped up within four walls. With indoor plants, you can further accessorize your interiors by choosing the different varieties of indoor plant pots that are now available in several shapes sizes and materials. Here, we discuss those types so that you can choose one that suits your taste.

Decorative Indoor Plant Pots

From large pots to small ones, to plant hangers, the variety available is endless. Combine the

Guide to Building Planter Boxes

Building planter boxes is a very good project if you are interested in gardening. This article takes you through the steps of building your own planter box with cedar panels.

Planter boxes are very handy and functional items for any garden. They can be moved around occasionally to create a completely different look. They can also be used to decorate your patio, terrace, or decks. They are incredibly versatile and look great with multiple colors of flowers. These boxes come in many different materials and sizes, and you can easily buy one to suit your specific needs. Building one yourself is not at all difficult, you just need the necessary tools and materials.


You will require the following materials:
Cedar panels
Strong glue
Galvanized nails
Handheld drill

The first step is to construct the top and the bottom frames of the box with 1 x 2 cedar strips. Now, join two cedar strips that are 26 inches in length with two other cedar strips that are 13 inches long to form a rectangular frame. Make sure that you measure the wood correctly before cutting it. All the cedar strips should be accurately cut to the

Tips to Decorate With Wall Clocks

All it takes is a little creativity to allow a functional item such as a clock to become the focal point in a room, an object that can make a room dynamic, that can add life to it. Here’s Buzzle’s guide on using wall clocks for decoration.

Any clock can tell you the time, but it is only a few that can speak style. A clock is such a versatile object, and so dynamic. From tiny numbers to grand statement pieces, wall clocks have come a long way. The use of clocks as accessories for interior decoration has scaled new heights, and people are now spending a good amount of time and money on choosing the right clock to pep up a dull area. The addition of a simple wall clock can transform a space completely, and here, we tell you how.

How Wall Clocks Can be Used for Decoration
You don’t always have to invest in expensive clocks when, by just using a simple clock and placing it appropriately, you can add that ‘oomph’ factor your room is lacking.

Make it a Conversation Piece

Imagine this: you are seated across each other in a huge

Creating And Stocking a Garden Pond

Garden ponds create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor atmosphere, but where can you buy one? All the equipment, fish, snails, plants, and other things needed for a garden pond can be found on the Internet.

Spring is in the air, and a young woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of … well, garden ponds. When the weather starts to warm up in spring, it seems that people, both men and women, start thinking about spending more time outside. Inevitably, this means that they start finding projects to do outside, both to have an excuse to be outdoors, and so that they can get more enjoyment from the time they spend there.

This brings us to garden ponds. These have become very popular. Small ones don’t require much room, and are very reasonably priced. Your local hardware store probably has everything you need to get started. A simple pond is basically just a tub to hold water and a pump to make it move. This tub can either be set into a hole in the ground or just left free standing. As an alternative, you can dig a hole in the ground, or build something above the ground, and use

Tip to Sharpen Hedge Trimmers

Well trimmed hedges certainly enhance the look of your garden, and hedge trimmers play an important role in helping you achieve that. Therefore, in order to have evenly trimmed hedges, you need to sharpen the equipment regularly.

Hedge trimmers, as the name suggests, are gardening tools used for trimming hedges. These prove to be faster and more efficient than pruning shears and knives that are used for trimming hedges. However, these equipment tend to become blunt after repeated usage. Therefore, sharpening them becomes necessary over a period of time.

Sharpening hedge trimmers is not at all a difficult job. Once you learn to hold the blades properly and utilize the sharpening instrument in the correct manner, it just becomes a matter of minutes. You can sharpen them in a professional manner at your home itself. The only thing required is proper knowledge of the procedure and skills to handle the instruments properly.

Tools Required

Pair of pliers to detach the blades
Metal filer for the actual sharpening
Safety goggles

Removing the Trimming Blades

For this, find a plain surface and place your hedge trimmer on it. Take care that the blades of the tool are not facing you and

Rustic Home Decorating Tips

Rustic home decorating ideas basically consist of implementing natural looks to the interiors. This article provides a brief information on rustic home decor and some ideas to implement them.

Giving rustic look to your home is nothing but giving a natural country style look to the interior of your house. Rustic home decor has always been in trend. These decorating ideas make maximum use of wood textures and colors for all the elements of interior design, which include the furniture, accessories, and flooring.


Colors play an important role when it comes to decorating your house with rustic theme. Since rustic decor mimics the elements of the nature, the colors used in it should be chosen accordingly. Usually, the colors that are used in rustic home decor are brown, rusts, green, gray, and their shades, which are easily visible in nature. Basically, the colors that are used are natural, neutral, and earthy. The colors of the walls, furniture, accessories, and flooring should complement each other. A perfect combination of all woody and natural colors are some of the basic necessities to give a rustic look to the interiors.

Rustic Living Room


Rustic home decorations consists of use of wooden

Home Decorating With Tropical Furniture

Tropical furniture is one of the trendiest things in home décor these days. This Buzzle article comes with up suggestions on how to use it to accessorize your home.

The tropical home decoration style uses traditional themes interspersed with touches of fresh appeal. This decoration for your home does not mean creating a multi-hued jungle look that you might use in a kid’s room. Rather, it is more about creating a minimalist look with lush overtones, because it involves mixing intricate patterns and plenty of texture with a few large sized accessories along with simple details.

Motifs and Colors

Some of the common tropical home décor motifs are rattan furniture, grass-cloth, leather, palm trees, animal prints, monkeys, tropical fish, seashell, and broad-leafed banana plants.

As far as colors are concerned, the tropical ambiance is achieved by using neutral tones. For instance, the basis of a tropical-themed look is formed by color like pale yellows, mellow gold, dark brown, tan, camel skin shades, beige, and ivory. Overlying these muted tones are greens that range from olive green to jade green to bottle green to bluish green to yellowish green. Accents are created by using dull reds, black, and mahogany brown.

This kind

Types of Homemade Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a revolution in gardening and agriculture in general. Homemade systems can be set up quite easily. In this article, I provide a basic know-how of implementing some of the major types.

For people who do not have the means to set up a conventional garden, a homemade hydroponic system offers an effective substitute, as it is soil-less gardening.

A Brief Introduction

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil. This technique is indeed a radical shift from conventional gardening, farming, and allied techniques of growing vegetation, which are all soil-based. This technique involves growing plants in mineral and nutrient-rich solutions, in water. Soil is essentially a nutrient-rich medium, from which plants absorb nutrients, that are dissolved in water. The idea behind this new paradigm-shifting gardening or farming technique is that plant growth is possible, without soil, if the nutrient medium that it provides, is substituted by a water-based solution. Most terrestrial plants have been successfully grown in hydroponic systems.


Some of the main advantages of growing plants hydroponically are the following:

The basic advantage is that you don’t have to worry about choice of soil, as it is not required. Its absence eliminates all the soil-related problems.
One can

Modern Home Decorating Tips

Modern homes are for people who are futuristic. Modern homes are for people who like to keep things simple. If this defines you, read on for some innovative decoration ideas for a modern home.

If you like things simple, elegant, sleek, clear-cut and innovative, then a modern home decorating style is perfect for you. Modern homes are airy, modern homes are creative and modern homes are just perfect for today’s generation, as they come fitted with all the latest gadgets and technology. And if you thought that you would need to spend a bomb and hire a professional to give your home a modern decor, you are absolutely wrong! With the below suggested ideas, you can easily incorporate elements of this coveted decor in your house, on your own. Have a look…

Innovative Modern Home Decoration Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Decor
When it comes to modern homes, simplicity is their trademark. So, get rid of all the clutter that you have in your house. Throw away all the unnecessary items. If you have heavy pieces of furniture, replace them with sleek, multifunctional furniture. If you have a tight budget, you can give up on sofas all together and

Polka Dots Home Decorating Tips

Tired of looking at walls and sofas that have the same boring color? You could try adding a few dots to spice up the interiors of your house. Polka dots have made a comeback not only in clothing, but also in home décor. Here are a few ideas on how you can dot your house without making it look over-the-top.

If you have a white wall, paint medium-sized red polka dots on it. To downplay the look and not draw too much attention to the dots, place a plush black sofa with a glass coffee table accompanying it, and let it transform your room from boring to absolutely mind-blowing.

When it comes to using dots for home décor, there is so much one can do. Right from bathrooms to bedrooms, polka dots can be used in varying combinations to accentuate the beauty of the room. As home décor is such a subjective topic, views may vary from person to person. But, what matters most is the way the ideas have been implemented, and the final look of your home.

Playing around with dots is easy, as long as you pair them with other patterns that complement them.

Homemade Hydroponics Techniques

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water without using soil. There are several techniques in which you can use this mechanism for growing plants. For gardening enthusiasts, this is a sure delight.

Hydroponics, a term that has been developed from the Greek words ‘hydro’ (water), and ‘ponos’ (labor), is a technique of growing plants in water that contains dissolved nutrients, without soil. Plants that grow on land can either be grown in an inert, water-retaining medium like rockwool, gravel, coir, or perlite, or with their roots in a nutrient-rich solution.

How Does Hydroponics Work?

It was in the 19th century that researchers in plant physiology realized that plants had the ability of absorbing nutrients from water as inorganic ions. When plants grow in soil, it is not the soil that is essential for their growth, in fact it only acts as a reservoir for the nutrients. The roots of the plants only absorb the nutrients in the soil when they dissolve in water. Hence, if the nutrients are introduced artificially into the water supply of the plants, they no longer require soil in order to grow. Practically any land-growing plant can be grown with hydroponics, although there

How to Grow Seeds Indoors

It is inexpensive to grow plants from seeds, and growing them indoors is beneficial for those who stay in regions with a brief growing season.

Spring is the time to plant your garden. In some regions, this season is too brief due to the late arrival of the last frost. In such cases, it will be beneficial to grow seeds indoors, so that you will be ready with young plants as the growing season begins. If you wait for the growing season for sowing seeds, slow-growing plants may suffer, as they may not bloom or produce fruits and flowers before the first frost. This method is more beneficial for plants, like tomatoes and peppers, that require a long and warm growing period, for a good yield.

First of all, plan your garden layout, and prepare a list of plants you want to grow. Start collecting the materials required for the task. The most important raw material is the seeds. Others include containers for growing seeds. You can use sophisticated and specially designed germination trays for growing seeds. You may also opt for inexpensive options, like paper cups, yogurt containers, egg shells, etc., provided they have good drainage. You

How to Care for Indoor Bamboo Plants

A decorative requisite these days, indoor bamboo plants can be seen adorning interiors, right from office desks to homes. Also called the ‘ribbon plant’, it is indigenous to West Africa. It actually has no connection with the Asian bamboo plant. These plants are available with a number of cultivars and very famous as houseplants. While they also grow well in soil, they are majorly grown as water plants. Their stalks can be twisted and curled in a myriad of attractive shapes.

‘Lucky bamboo’ gets its name from the ancient eastern Feng Shui practice. Feng Shui is supposedly based on the five living elements, namely water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. The lucky bamboo is a symbol of wood and water, which helps in maintaining balance in our life. Also the red ribbon that is seen tied to it signifies the positive energy of the fire. It is also believed to be a symbol of success and good fortune.

It is an aquatic plant, often kept in a small pot submerged in the rock wool. The plant makes indoor gardening areas very tranquil and extremely decorative. In reality, the job doesn’t end here. If the sprouts of the plant are not